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2022 Tennis On Campus Nationals Preview

James Maimonis, Manager, Media & Communications | April 01, 2022

WESTBOROUGH, MA - New England will send a record seven teams to next weekend's Tennis On Campus National Championships (April 7-9) at the USTA National Campus in Orlando, FL. Brown University headlines a field that includes Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Yale University, Boston University, MIT and Northeastern University, all of which qualified by way of the New England Section Championship at Harvard's Beren Tennis Center in October.


For Brown, the 2021 Section Title was its second straight and fourth since 2012. 


Sixty-four clubs will begin the weekend with three matches of pool play and will then be broken up into Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper Brackets to determine the ultimate collegiate club champion. New England's seven teams will each compete in different pools. 


Meet the New England teams:

Brown University

Brown finished 1st in New England. 


Nationals Roster: Club Presidents: Nicole Lim (Club President, Senior), Sam Maffa (Club President, Senior), Carmen Fahlen (Captain, Senior), Lara Mikhail (Captain, Senior)
, Ellen Yoo (Captain, Junior), Talia Vasaturo-Kolodner (Captain, Junior)
, Sean Yamamoto (Captain, Senior)
, Charles Wang (Captain, Senior)
, Jackson Kelley (Captain, Junior), Alessandra Bianco, Katia Ta, Justin Song, Grant Lumkong, Arjun Shanmugan

"Something that makes this team so special is that we are really deep; on both the men’s and women’s side, we have many players at the same skill level. This means all of our matches really are full team efforts, rather than one or two players carrying."


"For Nationals, we are really looking forward to some good competitive tennis and meeting new teams!"


- Captain Nicole Lim

Dartmouth College




Dartmouth finished 2nd in New England.


Nationals Roster: Nathan Zhang (Captain, Senior), Jack Vasu (Captain, Senior), Peter Leutz (Captain, Senior), Veda Sane (Captain, Junior), Gil Assi, Andrew Xu, Claire Wolstencroft, Torrie Smith, Elaine Sarazen, Nina Prakash.


Harvard University

Harvard finished 3rd in New England. 


Nationals Roster: Jaylen Wang, Senior (Captain, Senior), Amia Ross (Captain, Junior), Adrian Pedroza, Ammaar Saeed, Kareem Ansari, Kevin Zhang, Cosette Wu, Rachel Greenwood, Amia Ross, Sarah Rojas, Nneka Arinzeh


"We all have different play styles, different personalities, and different backgrounds but we also work so well together on and off the court. I think after missing club tennis for over a year during the pandemic, this has just brought everyone closer together. Practices are more fun and more active than we've ever seen."


"I think we're all looking forward to spending time with each other (and the nice break of warm weather). For many of us it'll be our first time competing at Nationals, and so we're really looking forward to that. I think mainly we're excited about all the little things that come with competing as a team: the cheers, the clutch deuce points, the laughs, and everything in between."


-Captain Jaylen Wang

Yale University


Yale finished 4th in New England. 


Nationals Roster: Jack Barker (Captain, Senior), Olivia Aspegren (Captain, Junior - not attending Nationals), Brandon Alexander, Jack Woodrow, Cameron Janssens, Jarett Malouf, Maria Bambrick-Santoyo, Daviana Berkowitz-Sklar, Alison Zerbib, Jess Dhome-Casanova, Libby Kern.


"We are a super tight-knit group with lots of club tennis experience - 9/10 team members have been on the team for at least three years."


"This is something we've been looking forward to for three years: the opportunity to compete against the best club teams in the country. Additionally, we truly love each other and the game of tennis, so Nationals represents an opportunity to engage in one of our favorite activities with some of our favorite people."


- Captain Jack Barker

Boston University

BU finished 5th in New England. 


Nationals Roster: John Kircher (Captain, Senior), Scarlett Blydenburgh (Captain, Senior), Daylon Yung (Captain, Senior), Evan Mauner (Captain, Senior, graduated early), David Wang, Tanisq Mallpani, Nilos Makino, Jon-Kyle Tan, Adam Lazowski, Ana Herning, Xingjian (Jessie) Han, Ksenija Tasich, Erica Zippel. 


"This team is special because our love for the game is what makes us come together and push us to work harder, but everyone of us has diverse experiences with the sport that we bring to the court. We look at tennis as a way of representing our families and loved ones, communities, school, and most importantly, ourselves, and that feeling stays with us for the rest of our lives."


"We’re most looking forward to giving it our all at Nationals and to cheer each other on as we proudly represent Boston University!"


-Captain Scarlett Blydenburgh


MIT finished 6th in New England. 


Nationals Roster: Emily Huang (Captain, Senior), Jupneet Singh (Captain, Junior), Joseph Maalouf, Arun Kannan, Alex Cohen, Nikhil Gupta, Alex Barksdale, Amber Shen, Sarah Cen, Stephanie Li.


"Tennis has brought us all together and we love competing and spending time together! We’re all so different off the court is what we study, our career plans, but when we’re on the court we all have a great time. We also support each other in all our other endeavors."


"We can’t wait to spend time together playing the sport we love and meet schools from all across the nation! It has been so long since we’ve been able to compete and travel the country, so we feel really lucky to come to Orlando this year."


- Captain Jupneet Singh

Northeastern University

Northeastern finished 7th in New England. 


Nationals Roster: Caitlin Deffler (Captain, third year) Michael Ioffe (fifth year), Caitlin Deffler, Aya Alameddine, Christine Lee, Jocelyn Zhu, Lindsey Chin, Ryan Joo, Kevin Yang, Alex Salamon, Rehan Sareen, Andrew Huang.


"The bond that we have created as a team not just as players but as friends is the most special part of Northeastern Tennis. Seeing so many of our team members come out to support us during Sectionals was amazing and shows how passionate we all are about the sports and each other!"


"We are most excited for the sunny weather and the chance to play teams outside of the New England region. We can’t wait to play in Nationals!"


- Captain Caitlin Deffler

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