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Milavsky and Mavor Headline March Junior Success

James Maimonis, Communications and Engagement Coordinator  |  April 4, 2018

INDIAN WELLS, CA- Daniel Milavsky (Needham, MA) and Lana Mavor (Yarmouth, ME) each took home Bronze Balls at the L1 USTA National Spring Championships, also known as the Easter Bowl for the 16s, 14s and 12s divisions. (The 18s Easter Bowl is classified as an ITF.) The championships were played at Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, CA from March 24-31.

The No. 6 seeds in the Boys’ 16s, Milavsky and partner Trey Stinchcomb (Olney, MD), reached the semifinals where they fell to eventual champs, Welsh Hotard and Benjamin Koch. Milavsky and Stinchcomb rallied back from a set down in the third-place match to take the Bronze in three, 6-7(3), 6-4, 6-3.


Mavor and partner Robin Montgomery were unranked heading into the Girls’ 16s doubles draw. They knocked off top seeds Carmen Corley and Gianna Pielet (Southwest) in the round of 16 and upset the No. ADVERTISEMENT 6 seeds to reach the semifinals. There, they fell to No. 3 Amanda Chan and Chidimma Okpara in a three-set thriller, 6-7(4), 7-5, 4-6. The duo bounced back in the third-place match, taking it in straight sets, 7-5, 6-4.

Also taking place during the final weekend of March were the New England L4 Doubles Championships. New England juniors competed at three sites throughout Connecticut in the final New England Super Six Championship until June.


The results are below:   

Boys’ and Girls’ 18s and 16s Doubles
Magic Lincer Tennis Club of Manchester
Tournament Director- Magic Lincer

Boys' 18s Doubles

F- (2) Kania/Vroman d. (1) Makino/Chen  8-6
PL- Hall/Li d. Campbell/Riemann  8-6
SF- (2) Kania/Vroman d. Hall/Li  8-3
S- (1) Makino/Chen d. Campbell/Riemann  8-2
CS- Felcher/Ilie d. Novins/Shlyankevich  8-2
CS- (3) Chao/Shen d. Kania/Rhinelander  8-4
CQ- Novins/Shlyankevich d. Bodrog/Vykhodtsev  9-7
CQ- Felcher/Ilie d. Farhat/Khan  8-4

Girls' 18s Doubles

F- (2) Freeman/Newman d. (1) Campbell/Mavor  8-5
PL- (4) Semenovski/Svendsen d. Dewire/Gallo  8-5
SF- (2) Freeman/Newman d. Dewire/Gallo  8-6
SF- (1) Campbell/Mavor d. (4) Semenovski/Svendsen  8-5
CS- Leschly/Leschly d. Mariotti/Riester  9-7
CS- Ma/Wolfe d. Hailey/Poor  9-8(7-5)
CQ- Leschly/Leschly d. Fenton/McPherron  8-3
CQ- Mariotti/Riester d. (3) Dorr/Pezzuco  8-4

Boys' 16s Doubles

F- (1) Kania/Vroman d. (4) Karr/Riemann  8-4
PL- (2) Campbell/Feldman d. Kahler/McGrath  8-4
SF- (4) Karr/Riemann d. (2) Campbell/Feldman  8-5
SF- (1) Kania/Vroman d. Kahler/McGrath  8-1
CS- Queiroz/Reilly d. Ilie/McDonald  8-3
CS- Burt/Schwartz d. Bogdanovic/Israel  9-7
CQ- Ilie/McDonald d. McCandless/Nguyen  8-5
CQ- Queiroz/Reilly d. Schwartz/Trevethan  8-2

Girls' 16s Doubles

F- (4) Semenovski/Svendsen d. (2) Almy/Dewire  8-4
PL- (1) Dellacono/Falcon d. Hailey/Poor  8-2
SF- (2) Almy/Dewire d. Hailey/Poor  8-5
SF- (4) Semenovski/Svendsen d. (1) Dellacono/Falcon  8-5
CS- Parkerson/Raman d. DeLuca/DiMaio  9-7
CS- (3) Gallo/Ma d. Mariotti/Riester  8-4
CQ- DeLuca/DiMaio d. DeAgazio/Koziol  8-4
CQ- Parkerson/Raman d. Cornelissen/Farhat  8-4

Boys’ and Girls’ 14s
Tennis and Fitness Center of Rocky Hill
Tournament Director- Miguel Garcia

Boys' 14s Doubles

F- (3) Dave/Rusher d. (4) Devaiah/Koziol  8-3
PL- (1) Lakshmanan/Schwartz d. Johnson/Kollias  8-4
SF- (4) Devaiah/Koziol d. Johnson/Kollias  8-6
SF- (3) Dave/Rusher d. (1) Lakshmanan/Schwartz  8-6
CS- Kuzmenok/Nash d. Daus/Sheppard  8-6
CS- Peterson/zhang d. Cooper/Fuffo  8-5
CQ- Kuzmenok/Nash d. (2) Brunetti/Visser  9-7
CQ- Daus/Sheppard d. Bo/Neal  8-5

Girls' 14s Doubles

F- (1) Parkerson/Raman d. Diop/Sun  8-1
PL- Nguyen/Robbins d. (2) Lincer/Omicioli  8-0
SF- Diop/Sun d. (2) Lincer/Omicioli  9-7
SF- (1) Parkerson/Raman d. Nguyen/Robbins  8-4
CS- Galin/Latzman d. Camacho/Stuhlfaut  8-5
CS- Esposito Cogan/Strickland d. Chari/Durkin  8-2
CQ- Chari/Durkin d. Chin/Lincer  8-5


Boys’ and Girls’ 12s Doubles
Magic Lincer Tennis Academy
Tournament Director- Magic Lincer

Boys' 12s Doubles

F- (1) Mendibe/Wight d. Merce/Nichols  8-6
PL- Li/Seth d. Hafiz/Song  8-4
SF- Merce/Nichols d. Hafiz/Song   8-0
SF- (1) Mendibe/Wight d. Li/Seth  8-1
CS- Lee/cutone d. Bhattacharyya/Fayerman  8-6
CS- (2) Hovorka/Lublinsky d. Medina/Roake  8-4
CQ- Bhattacharyya/Fayerman d. Greif/Jiang  8-0
CQ- Medina/Roake d. Horky/Liang  8-4

Girls' 12s Doubles

F- (1) Camacho/Stuhlfaut d. (2) Bindas/Esposito Cogan  8-3
PL- Cutone/Kamal d. Caffyn-Parsons/Zink  8-3
SF- (2) Bindas/Esposito Cogan d. Cutone/Kamal  8-5
SF- (1) Camacho/Stuhlfaut d. Caffyn-Parsons/Zink  8-2
CS- Hage/Zhang d. Beniwal/Buckley  8-2
CS- Chin/Lincer d. Haywood/Kunar  8-3
CQ- Hage/Zhang d. Moe/Swire  8-1
CQ- Beniwal/Buckley d. Goff/Jiang  8-5


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