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February L4 Super Six Doubles Championships

James Maimonis, Communications and Engagement Coordinator  |  February 20, 2018

WESTBOROUGH, MA- USTA New England held its first L4 Super Six Championship of 2018 from February 17-18. The doubles championship took place at three clubs throughout New England and featured some of the section’s top junior players. The singles portion of this L4 Super Six will be from March 17-18.


Farmington Valley Racquet Club hosted the Boys’ 18s and 16s draws. Kevin Chao and Derek Shen captured the 18s title by upsetting top seeds Daniel Milavsky and Casey Kania in the finals. Kania was also the No. 1 see in the 16s, this time with partner Nicholas Vroman. The duo took down Jonathon Trevethan and Noah Schwartz in the finals.


The Girls’ 18s and 16s draws were at the Longfellow Club in Wayland, where the No. 1 seeded team of Julia Newman and Grace Joyce defeated Jennifer Riester and Olivia Mariotti to win the 18s title. ADVERTISEMENT In the 16s draw, No. 4 seeded Nastasya Semenovski and Samantha Svendsen knocked off both the top pair of Samantha Falcon and Gabriella Dellacono in the finals and No. 2 seeds Olivia Almy and Alexandra Dewire in the semis.


Both the Boys’ and Girls’ 14s and 12s championships were held at Magic Lincer Tennis Club of Manchester. In the Boys’ 14s final, No. 2 seeds Prem Dave and Sreeman Lakshmanan upended top seeds Pieter Breuker and Zachary Schwartz, while No. 1 seeds in the 12s, Petro Kuzmenok and Cole Oberg, defeated No. 2 seeds Kaiaitz Mendibe and Trip Wight. On the girls’ side, Olivia Lincer and Madeline Swire took down top seeds Alexandra Prudente and Riya Singh to capture the 14s championship, while Olivia Cutone and Dana Kamal beat No. 2 seeded Brooklyn Bindas and Ava Esposito Cogan. 


See complete results and scores below:


Boys’ 18s and 16s Doubles
Farmington Valley Racquet Club
Tournament Director- Bill Donahue


Boys' 18s Doubles
F- Chao/Shen d. (4) Kania/Vroman  8-5
PL- (1) Condos/Milavsky d. (2) Karr/Riemann  8-5
SF- (4) Kania/Vroman d. (2) Karr/Riemann  8-6
SF- Chao/Shen d. (1) Condos/Milavsky  8-3
CS- (3) Kania/Rhinelander d. Cornelissen/Schmidhauser  8-6
CS- Bodrog/Vykhodtsev d. KHAN/Nijhawan  8-0
CQ- Cornelissen/Schmidhauser d. Ogawa/Pham  8-5
CQ- (3) Kania/Rhinelander d. Hall/Li  9-7


Boys' 16s Doubles
F- (1) Kania/Vroman d. Schwartz/Trevethan  8-3
PL- Georgs/Hamilton d. (4) Riemann/Song  8-5
SF- Schwartz/Trevethan d. (4) Riemann/Song  8-5
SF- (1) Kania/Vroman d. Georgs/Hamilton  8-0
CS- Davey/Wang d. Lakshmanan/Ogawa  8-5
CS- Queiroz/Reilly d. (2) Campbell/Feldman  8-6
CQ- Lakshmanan/Ogawa d. Burt/Israel  Wd (ill)
CQ- Davey/Wang d. Breuker/Kaluzhny  8-5

Girls’ 18s and 16s Doubles

Longfellow Tennis Club
Tournament Director- Phil Parrish


Girls' 18s Doubles

F- (1) Joyce/Newman d. Mariotti/Riester  8-0
PL- Almy/Almy d. Schulson/Zhang  8-5
SF- Mariotti/Riester d. Almy/Almy  8-6
SF- (1) Joyce/Newman d. Schulson/Zhang  8-1
CS- Dellacono/Falcon d. (4) Dorr/Weinberg  8-1
CS- Dewire/Svendsen d. Hailey/McPherron  9-8
CQ- Dellacono/Falcon d. Ivanov/Nannery  8-5
CQ- (4) Dorr/Weinberg d. Avery/Fenton  8-3


Girls' 16s Doubles
F- (4) Semenovski/Svendsen d. (1) Dellacono/Falcon  8-4
PL- Mariotti/Riester d. (2) Almy/Dewire  8-6
SF- (4) Semenovski/Svendsen d. (2) Almy/Dewire  8-6
SF- (1) Dellacono/Falcon d. Mariotti/Riester  8-6
CS- (3) Schulson/Zhang d. Nguyen/Tamaoki  8-3
CS- Prudente/Singh d. Fenton/Parlman  8-3
CQ- Nguyen/Tamaoki d. Driscoll/Swire  8-6
CQ- (3) Schulson/Zhang d. Hailey/McPherron  8-4


Boys’ and Girls’ 14s & 12s Doubles
Magic Lincer Tennis Club of Manchester
Tournament Director- Magic Lincer


Boys' 14s Doubles

F- (2) Dave/Lakshmanan d. (1) Breuker/Schwartz  8-3
PL- (4) Kuzmenok/Nash d. (3) Devaiah/Piacentini  9-8(7-4)
SF- (2) Dave/Lakshmanan d. (4) Kuzmenok/Nash  8-5
SF- (1) Breuker/Schwartz d. (3) Devaiah/Piacentini  8-5
CS- Daus/Sheppard d. Fuffo/Vandrangi  8-6
CS- Peterson/zhang d. Coleman/Naginski  8-5
CQ- Fuffo/Vandrangi d. Hafiz/Kaverud  8-0
CQ- Daus/Sheppard d. Foster/Subramani  8-6


Boys' 12s Doubles
F- (1) Kuzmenok/Oberg d. (2) Mendibe/Wight  8-3
PL- Merce/Nichols d. Bhattacharyya/Fayerman  9-8(7-4)
SF- (2) Mendibe/Wight d. Bhattacharyya/Fayerman  8-4
SF- (1) Kuzmenok/Oberg d. Merce/Nichols  8-0
CS- Li/Seth d. Bodet/Mukhin  8-2
CS- Hovorka/Lublinsky d. Hafiz/Kaverud  8-6
CQ- Li/Seth d. Horky/Suit  8-1
CQ- Hovorka/Lublinsky d. Queiroz/Song  9-7


Girls' 14s Doubles

F- Lincer/Swire d. (1) Prudente/Singh  8-3
PL- (2) Omicioli/Sheinin d. Harding/Zilora  8-6
SF- Lincer/Swire d. (2) Omicioli/Sheinin  8-5
SF- (1) Prudente/Singh d. Harding/Zilora  8-2
CS- Diop/Sun d. Chari/Vutukur  8-3
CS- (3) Nguyen/Shulman d. Bindas/Esposito Cogan  8-1
CQ- Chari/Vutukur d. Pogorelec/Stuhlfaut  8-6
CQ- Diop/Sun d. Chin/Lincer  8-1

Girls' 12s Doubles

F- Cutone/Kamal d. (2) Bindas/Esposito Cogan  8-6
PL- Jara/Jara d. Hage/Sicignano  8-1
SF- (2) Bindas/Esposito Cogan d. Hage/Sicignano  8-5
SF- Cutone/Kamal d. Jara/Jara  8-5
CS- (1) Pogorelec/Stuhlfaut d. Lincer/Zhang  8-2
CS- Chin/Remillard d. Haywood/Kunar  Wd (pc)
CQ- Chin/Remillard d. Moe/Swire  8-4

To view tournament homepages for the L4 Super Six Championships, click here.


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