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Board of Directors Spotlight: Geoff Swire

March 22, 2023

WESTBOROUGH, MA - Geoff Swire, of Surbury, MA, is USTA New England's 2nd Vice President. Geoff is extremely passionate about tennis, a sport he grew up with and now enjoys watching his daughters compete in. He shares how he first got into tennis, what he enjoys most about serving on the Board and why he feels so strongly about New England's sportsmanship initiatives. 


Why did you decide to join USTA New England’s Board of Directors?

As a lifelong tennis player, instructor, fan, and parent, I was honored to get the chance to give back to the sport that has been a source of so much enjoyment for me and my family. Serving on the USTA New England Board, I am fortunate to play a central role in growing the game and providing opportunities for more people to pick up a racket and have fun on the court. 

What is your professional background?

I have spent over 20 years in the biotechnology industry helping develop new therapies for patients with serious medical conditions including hematological malignancies, osteoporosis and kidney disease.

How has your expertise helped USTA New England achieve its mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis in New England?

My business background allows me to contribute a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges that USTA New England faces in growing the game of tennis. As with the biotech companies where I have worked, USTA New England's resource constraints make it essential to prioritize its programs to focus on those which best address the needs of its diverse stakeholders and support the mission of promoting tennis throughout the New England states. 

Geoff with his daughters Maddie (left) and Lia.
What is a USTA New England initiative you’re most passionate about?

Sportsmanship is a passion of mine and something I view as critical for enabling the growth of tennis as well as the retention of current players. At all levels, the enjoyment of tennis relies on the good faith of players to make fair line calls and treat each other with respect. 


As a Board member, I have had the opportunity to work with the Section's Good Sport Committee to implement junior initiatives including the Player and Parent Promises and Kickstart Kindness campaigns. I also now serve on USTA's National Sportsmanship Committee, where I hope to bring best practices from New England for broader adoption.

Geoff has been playing tennis since he was in grade school.
Why should someone consider volunteering as a board member with USTA New England?

The USTA New England Board brings together tennis leaders from diverse backgrounds who share the common passion of growing the game of tennis throughout the New England states. It has been extremely rewarding to learn from my Board colleagues who are club owners, coaches, parents, players, and captains as we work closely with the USTA New England staff to make an impact on the biggest issues for tennis delivery in our section.


Tell us how you initially got connected to tennis?

My mother is an avid tennis player who introduced my brother and me to the game in grade school. At age 10, I played my first USTA tournament at Prospect Park in Troy, NY, moonballing my way to the semifinals! Since that time, I have played juniors, high school, college, and Adult League tennis. My first job in high school was as an assistant tennis pro, which I continued through my college summers. Now as a parent, I enjoy playing with my two daughters and watching them compete in juniors and college. 

Apply to be on the Board of Directors

The USTA New England Board of Directors is comprised of Officers, State Delegates, Delegates at Large, President’s Appointees and recent past presidents. The board is elected every three years and is the final authority on all policy matters of USTA New England. 


The application for the 2024-26 term is now open. If you are looking to get more involved in the New England tennis community and have creative ideas that could improve the landscape of tennis right here in New England, you could be a perfect fit! Unique viewpoints and new and diverse ideas to help grow and develop tennis in New England are encouraged.


Learn More & Apply by April 15




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