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Life lessons disguised as fun


Kids learn teamwork, communication, balance, agility, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and self-reliance, all while having fun and making friends.




Tennis is an amazing outlet for kids of all ages to let out that seemingly boundless energy. Not only will they sleep soundly, but they’ll get the double benefit of learning gross motor skills (using large muscles) and also fine motor skills (using smaller muscles).


Strong Values


Whether playing singles or doubles, tennis is a sport that challenges kids individually and as a team. Players learn valuable lessons in teamwork and camaraderie while also developing the discipline, patience, self-confidence and work ethic to compete solo. Learning to win and lose with grace on the court translates to behaving with integrity off the court, too.

A lifetime of fun


While a lot of team sports drop off in high school when only the elite athletes continue on to the pros, tennis offers opportunities for all ability levels. Because of the low-impact, no-contact nature of the game, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Tennis offers leagues, clinics, and tournaments for all ages, ranging from super casual to competitive.


Encouraging your kids to play tennis sets them up with a healthy, social outlet for stress relief for years to come. It’s even been found to extend life expectancy by nearly 10 years!

Junior Pathway


From junior tennis players who are just getting the hang of it to those competing at the highest levels, the USTA provides play formats and programs to give kids the best opportunities to succeed and keep playing tennis. 


Through the USTA’s American Development Model framework, junior tennis players can learn to compete according to their age and ability to be on the path to self-confidence and having fun.

USTA programs in Colorado

Junior Team Tennis / JTT

Colorado has one of the largest JTT programs in the country. Both seasons (Summer and Fall) have age-group competition  (10s, 12s, 14s & 18s), and each age group is further divided into skill levels: Beginner, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced. 


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Junior Circuits

Ready to move into individual match play? A USTA Junior Circuit is an event that uses a non-elimination, round-robin draw format for players of all ages so you can gain match experience in a tournament setting and then see your individual results. USTA Junior Circuits do not count towards earning national ranking points.


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USTA Junior Tournaments are offered in a variety of formats, including individual, team, non-elimination and elimination. There are also competitions for wheelchair players. This wide range allows you to compete in a way that makes you feel comfortable, suits your level of play and helps you experience success.


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