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Missouri Valley

Junior Team Tennis FAQs

<h1>Junior Team Tennis FAQs</h1>

Have questions about our Junior Team Tennis programs in the USTA Missouri Valley? Find the answers to frequently asked questions below. Learn more about getting involved with Junior Team Tennis in your local area and develop your individual and team tennis skills in a fun environment.


What is USTA Junior Team Tennis?

USTA Junior Team Tennis is the largest junior recreational tennis league in the USA with over 100,000 participants nationwide. USTA Junior Team Tennis is often compared to Little League Baseball, as the program offers children the opportunity to develop their individual and team tennis skills in a fun, yet competitive atmosphere.


Is my player ready for Junior Team Tennis?

To participate in Junior Team Tennis your player must be able to serve overhead, sustain a rally and keep score.



If my player isn't quite ready for Junior Team Tennis, is there other programs out there for them?

Of course! USTA offers programming that can help in your player’s junior pathway.

  • In-School and after School Tennis Programming

  • Community Tennis Programming offered at your local club or facility. Connect with local providers on Net Generation.

    • Net Generation Community is a “Learn to Play” program designed to engage more players in the game of tennis. The program uses modified equipment to promote early success, with a focus on serve, rally, and play. The Net Generation Community curriculum was created for coaches who may have little to no experience in teaching tennis. Community Orange curriculum encompasses two levels of Practice and Play Plans.

  • Team Challenges (Red, Orange and Green Ball)

    • Team Challenge is an introduction to tennis competition offering a low-pressure team environment for children of all ages to develop their skills through level-based play, without an emphasis on instruction or results.It is designed to be delivered as a single event or a series of up to six events, with the objective of providing a fun and social environment that highlights character and skill development. Team Challenge can be played with red, orange, or green tennis balls.

  • Team Tournaments

    • Team Tournament is an innovative way for players to enjoy tennis competition in a low-pressure team environment. This experience will encourage players of all ages to gain match experience, develop their skills through level-based play, and demonstrate good sportsmanship. It is designed to be delivered as a single event or series of up to six events, with the objective of providing a fun and social environment that highlights character and skill development.

How do I get on a Junior Team Tennis team?

Contact the USTA Missouri Valley Junior Team Tennis Manager, District Coordinator or the Tennis Service Representative (TSR) for your District, to find out if there is a league in your area or click to here to find a local program.


What are the minimum requirements for starting a Junior Team Tennis league?

Click here to learn how you can bring Junior Team Tennis to your community.

  • You must first connect with the USTA Missouri Valley Junior Team Tennis Manager, Tara Williams at

  • Program/League must be registered in Tennislink

  • A minimum of two (2) teams in a division.

    • Local Junior Team Tennis (not advancing to district, section, national championships)has a more flexible format, but suggested team, scoring and match formats can be used.

    • Championship Junior Team Tennis has eligibility and qualification requirements that must be met for teams to advance to district, section or national championships and can be discussed at time of inquiry.

    • A 3-8 week league season with one (1) practice and one (1) match per week is recommended


What are the age and ability levels for Junior Team Tennis?

10 & Under Division: Intermediate Orange Ball, Advanced Green Ball

12 & Under Division: Intermediate Green Ball, Advanced Yellow Ball

14 & Under Division: Intermediate, Advanced

18 & Under Division: Intermediate, Advanced


If I would like to coach my player’s team, what is required as a Junior Team Tennis Coach/Manager? Click here for more on the requirements to become a coach/manager.


Can Junior Team Tennis help grow my junior program at my club or facility? Click here for more on how to start a league at your club or facility


How do I become more involved in Junior Team Tennis?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with the coordination of Junior Team Tennis local leagues, as well as the Junior Team Tennis section championship.


Please contact Tara Williams for more details:






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