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There are several ways to get involved with USTA Junior Team Tennis in USTA Missouri Valley !



  • USTA Local Junior Team Tennis (Opportunities throughout the year!)
  • USTA MVCJTT (Missouri Valley Championship Junior Team Tennis)
    • Click here to learn more about the changes to USTA MVCJTT (Missouri Valley Championship Junior Team Tennis)
  • Teams and players can participate in both Local Junior Team Tennis and (MVCJTT) Missouri Valley Championships Junior Team Tennis
USTA Local Junior Team Tennis

USTA Missouri Valley districts offer several seasons of Local Junior Team Tennis every year

  • What age divisions are offered in Local Junior Team Tennis? 

    • 10U Intermediate (Orange Ball)

    • 10U Advanced & 12U Intermediate (Green Ball)

    • 14U Intermediate & 14U Advanced (Yellow Ball)

    • 18U Intermediate & 18U Advance (Yellow Ball)

  • What seasons are offered?

    • There are four different seasons of Junior Team Tennis that can be offered in each district

      • Fall 

      • Spring

      • Summer

      • Winter

    • The season and the age divisions offered are determined by your district

  • How do I get connected with a team in my community?

    • You can connect with a team through your local tennis facility, school tennis program or district staff person. 

  • Are there advancement opportunities within Local Junior Team Tennis?

    • Your district will set advancement opportunities within their Local Junior Team Tennis structures.

    • There are opportunities for local playoffs and district playoffs within the local structure (decided by your district staff).

    • District playoffs are the final events that can be offered within Local Junior Team Tennis.

You can reach out to your District Junior Team Tennis Coordinator for more information about Local Junior Team Tennis and find opportunities near you!


There are four ways to get involved in USTA Junior Team Tennis local programs:  

  • Please reach out to your District Junior Team Tennis Coordinator for more information on local opportunities! See information for your local area below. 

  • Contact your tennis club and ask if they have teams that participate in USTA Junior Team Tennis.

  • Become a Junior Team Tennis Coach/Manager and create a Junior Team Tennis team.

  • Find a Program and sign your player up individually and have them placed on a team.
Local Junior Team Tennis League Contacts

USTA Heart of America Junior Team Tennis Coordinator

  • 913-269-6607


USTA Iowa District Junior Team Tennis Coordinator 




USTA Kansas Junior Team Tennis Coordinator

  • 316-655-9988


USTA Missouri Junior Team Tennis Coordinator




USTA Nebraska Junior Team Tennis Coordinator

  • 402-980-5129


USTA Oklahoma Junior Team Tennis and Tulsa area Coordinator

Oklahoma City Area League Coordinator

  • 405-550-1232


USTA St. Louis Junior Team Tennis Coordinator

  • 314-585-9468
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