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Junior Tournament Changes In 2021


2021 Junior Tournament Changes


1. Nationwide Tournament Structure

  • A new, simplified USTA Junior Tournaments structure took effect in January 2021 click here for more. 
  • We have outlined for you some of the major changes. Click here to learn about them. 


2. New Pricing Structure

  • Effective January 1, 2021, USTA New England has implemented a new tournament pricing structure. The change in framework reflects the nationwide restructure as well as the needs of Tournament Directors to include additional consolation matches and court time into the planning of an effective and successful event. We understand price increases affect all families. With this in mind, we made every effort to minimize the impact as much as possible. We are committed to maintaining and improving the high-quality events and service you’ve come to expect. ADVERTISEMENT Furthermore, we will continue to provide financial support to those who qualify through our player grant programs such as the reduced entry fee program. All financial assistance information can be found here.


3. 2021 Junior Regulations - Click here

4. Do you have a question relating to the 2021 restructure? Use this form to submit your questions directly to New England Player Development, and a member of the team will follow up with you directly. 


5. Junior Memberships are FREE!

  • USTA has restructured its membership system and moving forward, all junior memberships will be free. Click here to learn more.


6. 2021 Junior Ranking Tournament Summary - Find Here


7. To find tournaments on Serve Tennis - Click Here


8. 2021 Registration Deadlines Below:

*Note the update of the registration deadline of the midweek events. It is now 6 days prior to the start of the event.


Level Registration Deadline
 3 Wednesday - 9 days prior to start of play 5:59 pm

Wednesday - 9 days prior to start of play 5:59 pm


Thursday - 8 days prior to start of play 5:59 pm

 6 & 7

Sunday Night - 6 days prior to the start of play 5:59 pm  


Sunday Night - 6 days prior to the start of play 5:59 pm 


6 days prior to the start of play 5:59 pm.    


9. Late Entries 

  • Late entries will not be accepted for Levels 5, 4, and 3, no exceptions. 


10. Alternate Lists - Reminder

  • When entries close, a player shall not be entered in two or more sanctioned tournaments with any overlapping start or end dates. If any parts of the tournament overlaps, the player will be awarded suspension points.


11. Wild Cards - Update

  • Wild cards may be granted to any eligible player with a good record of sportsmanship and who follows the normal online entry process for the tournament by the entry deadline. Wild cards may be used to select players into a closed Level 3 or Level 4 New England tournament in which the following criteria may be considered:
    • Any player with the potential to improve the overall strength of the field of the tournament may be considered.
    • A player whose ability to qualify has been affected by injury, illness, or other personal circumstance may be considered.
    • A player with a high standing in a younger age division of the event may be considered.
    • No player who submits a late wild card application may be considered.


12. National Standing List - Update

  • Every week the USTA shall publish National Standings Lists (NSL) for individual players in each Junior division. The USTA Junior Competition Committee determines the dates on which the lists are published, the criteria for inclusion on the lists, and the method of calculating the lists. 
  • Method of Calculating National Standing List
    • 100% of the singles ranking points from a players’ 6 best Junior Ranking Tournaments.
    • 100% of the singles bonus points earned at BG18 ITF Bonus-Point Only Events on the National Junior Tournament Schedule
    • 15% of the ranking points from a player's best 6 doubles and/or mixed doubles Junior Ranking Tournaments player. 
    • Rankings points at the percentages listed above earned in an older age division tournament count towards a players’ standing in one of more younger age divisions provided that a Junior Ranking Tournament has been played in the division and they are among the players’ best 6 results.
    • 20% of the Ranking Points earned in a younger age division tournament count towards a players’ standing in the next-older age division if they are among the players’ best 6 results, regardless of whether a Junior Ranking Tournament has been played in that division.
  • To review the National Standing List, click here.
13. Round Robins
  • Round Robins now use the waterfall method. This means, once players are selected, they will be waterfalled into flights. Waterfalling players is new for New England players and is a method of distributing players into separate draws so that each draw is of similar overall strength. For example, assume there are four draws (A-D) and the 16 players entered are ordered based on standing, rating or ranking. The distribution would be:


















14. Video and Photo During Tournaments
  • Video recording is allowed during a USTA New England Junior Tournament match only if consent is obtained in advance from both the Tournament Director and the parent or guardian of the opponent. The parent or guardian who provides the consent must be over 18 years of age.
  • The video recording must be unobtrusive and done at a reasonable distance from the court that does not constitute a hindrance to the players or the match. A hindrance refers to a situation in which a player is hindered from making a shot by anything that is not within the player’s control other than a permanent fixture. Under no circumstances is a parent, coach, guardian, or any person other than a videographer who has been officially authorized by USTA New England allowed to be on the court during the filming of a match.
  • The video or audio obtained during the match as approved by the parent or guardian and Tournament Director will only be used for personal and/or educational purposes. The video or audio cannot be modified, republished, posted, distributed, or used in any other manner or for any other purpose without the express written consent of the Tournament Director and the opponent’s parent or guardian.


15. Transition FAQs - Click Here


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