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Tennis is Good For You: Examining the Benefits Tennis Provides

By now, we all know how good tennis is for your health and wellness. Tennis leads to a longer life expectancy compared to other sports and, especially, a sedentary lifestyle.


Throughout 2023 we will highlight some of the core benefits associated with tennis, focusing specifically on the physical, mental, social and educational benefits that come from playing tennis.


Health Hits is a series inspired by the late Steve Henry where we explore these benefits in short, easy to digest pieces. He was extremely passionate about the many health benefits associated with tennis and we will honor his legacy by continuing to feature them. 


Learn more about: Physical, Mental, Social, Educational

Physical Health 

Tennis is one of the only sports that a person can play for life. Tennis fights the inactivity pandemic. Tennis gets people moving! In general, tennis leads to a longer life expectancy, up to nearly 10 years longer than a sedentary lifestyle. This is due, in part, to a distinctly lower chance for cardiovascular disease among tennis players. Playing tennis for just three hours per week can reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease by up to 56%. Read more about these health benefits and more by clicking here.


Mental Health 

From alertness to tactical thinking, tennis helps keep the brain agile and young, and helps to relieve tension. Tennis players tend to show less tension, anger and depression than non-tennis players. Especially in children, tennis can help counter anxiety and depression through movement and exercise. It also helps build self-confidence through the need to deal with various situations one may encounter on the court. Learn more here.


Social Health 

Tennis creates a network of friends who socialize beyond the court. This is vital today, as technology often isolates people. Risky social behaviors, such as underage drinking or smoking, are also less common in tennis players. Adult tennis players are also less likely to be smokers. Social health and behavior in this case also promote good physical health. 


Educational Benefits

Tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, which may generate new connections between nerves in the brain, promoting a lifetime of continued brain development. 48% of youth tennis players have an “A” average and spend more time studying. Learn more about the educational benefits of tennis here.



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