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USTA Missouri Valley Statement On COVID-19 Situation

July 15, 2020

Updated Junior Tournament Information and Schedule - July 15, 2020


Section Statement - October 2, 2020


Dear Parents & Players - 


It has been an exciting September getting our USTA Missouri Valley level events up and running after being on "pause" for the pandemic. As we all know, tennis is a relatively safe environment for us to pursue competition and physical activity without a great amount of exposure to the virus. However, there is a lot more involved in a tennis tournament than just the participation on the court. 


In order to help navigate these aspects of our events safely, facilities and city officials have created COVID-19 protocol specific to their facilities and governance areas. These protocols will not look the same from facility to facility or state to state. However, respecting the protocols in place is a very important part of attending a USTA Missouri Valley tournament and of the sportsmanship of our game. 


Please help your players understand that USTA Missouri Valley events are to be environments of respect and cooperation.  Each tournament will post their COVID-19 specific protocols on their tournament homepage. Entry in the tournaments assumes that the players and spectators are willing to abide by these posted guidelines regardless of any personal opinions on the validity of these guidelines. Please support our tournament staff as they attempt to make the tournament as safe as they can for everyone involved, and help keep USTA Missouri Valley healthy and safe as we transition into indoor tennis season.


Lisa Minihan, USTA Missouri Valley President


National COVID-19 Guidelines

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1. Now that Adult League and Junior Team Tennis (JTT) National Championships are canceled for 2020, does that mean Adult League Section Championships and JTT Sectional Championships will be canceled as well?


Yes, all USTA Missouri Valley JTT and Adult League Section Championships, including Mixed, will be canceled for 2020. There are no plans to reschedule these events in 2020. District Adult League and JTT coordinators are busy working on local league and JTT play opportunities once tennis is back open for business. Districts will concentrate on developing local play that encourages social distancing, competition, fun and of course, tennis.


2. Why are the USTA Missouri Valley Section Championships canceled?


USTA Missouri Valley has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Section Championships. We understand that this may be very disappointing for our players, but health and safety remain the USTA’s top concerns. With that being said, we are committed to getting our players back on the court as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. Our hope is for the districts to offer vibrant local summer leagues. They are working diligently to develop innovative play options once tennis is open for business again. Without being confined to section dates, districts will have more flexibility to schedule these leagues right through August/September if they choose to do so. In addition, prioritizing local play will hopefully provide support to local facilities, who have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


3. Will there be District League Championships?


Please check with your respective District League Coordinator or Junior Team Tennis Coordinator for their plans.


4. Are JTT and adult local Leagues that have not completed—or didn’t start yet—canceled?


Most leagues have different schedules so each District Junior Team Tennis Coordinator and District League Coordinator will assess the situation locally and communicate decisions to their respective captains and players.


5. When will the new junior and adult standings be published?


The determination has also been made to suspend the calculation and publication of the National Standings List (NSL) for Adult, Junior and Wheelchair play until further notice. The NSL published on March 18, 2020 will serve as the most current until tournament competition resumes. The junior USTA Missouri Valley standing published on March 12 and the adult standings published on February 28 will serve as the most current until tournament competition resumes.


6. Will my expiring membership get extended?


Expiring memberships will not be extended at this time.


7. Can I get a League or Junior Team Tennis refund?


Decisions regarding refunds and other reimbursement options are at the discretion of your district.


8. Can I register for tournaments whose start dates are after May 31?


We will continue to be transparent about the next steps moving forward for our programs and events. Updates from the USTA and USTA Missouri Valley will continue to be posted on this page. We have attempted to change as many tournaments as possible to the “tournament director selection process." This means that players won’t be charged an entry fee until after selection is completed, at which point we hope to have made a decision as to whether the suspension period is extended.


9. I am a tournament director. How do I select players for my tournament now that the tournament has been switched over to the TD selection process?


Here is an article from the TennisLink Help Center that will walk you through the steps.


10. With the June Level 3 and 4 tournaments postponed, when will the tournament be rescheduled?


The Junior Competition Committee and Missouri Section office staff are working to identify the best date. In this process, we are taking into account the summer national Level 1 tournaments and, most importantly, the safety of our players and spectators.  


See below to read your district's FAQS: 


USTA Heart of America


USTA Kansas

USTA Missouri

USTA Nebraska

USTA Oklahoma

USTA St. Louis


For national FAQs, please visit the USTA National FAQ page.


Recommendations For Players To Play Tennis Safely

Recommendations For Facilities and Programming To Provide Tennis Safely

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