June 17, 2022


High School Tennis 


The USTA Mid-Atlantic Section encourages all high school age tennis players to participate on their High School Team.


High School Tennis Ambassador Program

Are you a tennis enthusiast and in high school? Consider becoming apart of our High School Tennis Ambassador Program! In this role, you’ll be contributing to the mission of USTA Mid-Atlantic and helping to grow tennis to create happy and healthier communities. You’ll be a fun, positive force for good through the sport, and connect other high schoolers like yourself to the healthy physical, social and emotional benefits of tennis -  which is critical now more than ever!


As an Ambassador, you will:

  • Partner with USTA Mid-Atlantic Section to engage with the tennis community

  • Create and host virtual or in-person events to promote tennis to youth and to connect with current youth players

  • Drive conversation and elevate the sport among high school-age youth through social media platforms  

  • Work positively/collaboratively with other high school ambassadors and representatives from USTA MAS

  • Be part of a larger movement to help communities and people in the Mid-Atlantic region through the sport of tennis 


The application is closed for 2022. 



Still have questions about the Ambassador program? See below for more information or please reach out to us at gratton@mas.usta.com.


What is the HS Ambassador Program?

  • Leadership opportunity to give back to one’s tennis community

  • Develop and engage the tennis community through virtual and in-person programming and use social media skills to highlight HS tennis and represent the Mid Atlantic Section.


How do I apply?

  • The application for 2022 is closed. The application for 2023 will include uploading a creative short (less than 90 seconds) video demonstrating why you would be a good HS tennis ambassador.


Who can apply?

  • Current HS tennis player, competitive player, or tennis enthusiast who will be in 9-12 grade for the 2022/2023 academic school year. 


What is the selection process?

  • USTA MAS Staff will review applications after the deadline

  • Selection is limited and applicants will be notified by early June


How long is the Ambassador role, if selected?

  • The program will tentatively run from June 22-August 12, 2022. Start and end dates are subject to change

  • The time commitment for this program includes bi-weekly virtual meetings and individual and team projects with varying commitment levels. 

  • Virtual meetings will be held bi-weekly on Wednesdays from 12 pm-1 pm, starting on June 22, 2022. Ambassadors are expected to attend every meeting and notify Mid-Atlantic staff when they are unable to attend.


What are the expectations, if selected?

  • Create and participate in tennis-based events for local area youth  

  • Work collaboratively with USTA MAS to share information about tennis through social media 

  • Participate in virtual meetings with USTA MAS about the program 

  • Complete Community Impact Project: Distribute One Welcome to Tennis Sign at a Public Court

    • Public Courts include public parks, local high schools or middle schools, colleges or universities with public tennis courts, and community courts run by an HOA. Excluded: private tennis and/or country clubs

    • Work with tennis court owners/managers to hang sign in a publically visible location

    • Document process with a written summary for process and a photo of hanging sign 

  • Exemplify good sportsmanship and promote the ACES Pledge

  • Ambassadors will be positive role models and excellent stewards of the sport of tennis 

  • Earn letters of recommendation, mentorship opportunities, and community service/volunteer hours

  • Additional details will be provided upon acceptance  



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Schools interested in participating in future High School pilot events are asked to contact Rachel Kros at kros@mas.usta.com.


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