High School Tennis

April 03, 2024

High School tennis is for everyone!


Interested in improving your game or already a competitive player?

Are you a tennis enthusiast wanting to give back?

  • Be a high School Coach

  • Run events for High School players

  • Volunteer


 Junior Tennis Opportunities

Junior Player Council 


Are you a passionate young tennis player aged 13 and above? Eager to shape the future of USTA Mid-Atlantic Youth Programs? Look no further! The Junior Player Council is your platform to have your say, collaborate with the Mid-Atlantic Foundation, and advocate for your fellow young athletes. Join our monthly virtual meetings from January to June 2024, and let's serve up a brighter future for youth tennis in the Mid-Atlantic.


Don't miss out on this unique opportunity - sign up now and be part of the game-changing team! The 2024 application deadline is November 26, 2023.


Curious to know more about the Junior Player Council? Find out here!


High School Tennis Ambassador Program


Are you a tennis enthusiast and in high school? Consider becoming apart of our High School Tennis Ambassador Program! In this role, you’ll be contributing to the mission of USTA Mid-Atlantic and helping to grow tennis to create happy and healthier communities. You’ll be a fun, positive force for good through the sport, and connect other high schoolers like yourself to the healthy physical, social and emotional benefits of tennis -  which is critical now more than ever!


Want to learn more? Check out our FAQS all about the High School Ambassador Program! 


The application for 2023 is now closed.




See how the Mid-Atlantic is promoting sportsmanship in high school tennis. Commit to a safe, inclusive, and FUN environment on and off the tennis court by taking the ACES Pledge now. 

Are you a High School Coach? 



Check back often for additional workshops coming soon!



Questions? Email youthplay@mas.usta.com




  • Become an official!

    • High schoolers can earn some extra money by becoming a USTA Official. Learn more here.

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