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NorCal H.I.T.S.

What is H.I.T.S.?

H.I.T.S. is a low-cost tennis program for kids 10 and under that incorporates the fundamentals of a team sport with life skills enrichment. With support from the USTA NorCal, H.I.T.S. is a fun and easy program that includes training and resources to run a tennis program at your tennis courts, blacktop or indoor gym.


By participating in this program, children as young as kindergarten will begin to develop strong core values both on and off the court that will help them mature into possibly the next tennis star, but more importantly, become a great individual and upstanding member of the community.


With this program the use of “right-sized” equipment (in regards to weight, length, speed and size) allows young players to learn and play more effectively. During this 6-8 week program, kids will participate in fun activities while learning the fundamentals of tennis in a safe and supportive environment.


Why H.I.T.S.?

Tennis can teach many great life lessons while on the court, but more important than the fundamentals of tennis, H.I.T.S. focuses on growing a child’s core values as well as the athlete. 


How H.I.T.S. Benefits Kids

  • Develops the child before the athlete.
  • Focus is on playing, learning, and having fun. Not winning and losing.
  • The H.I.T.S. program builds friendships and engages kids with physical activity. The aspects of this program combine learning tennis with education.

How to Get Your H.I.T.S. Program Started

It takes five simple steps to get your H.I.T.S. program started.




It was fun to be able to spend time with the kids and teaching them real Life Skills. The kids were really engaged in the Life Skills portion of tennis. It made the kids realize that there was more to learn in this program besides the actual game of tennis...


The H.I.T.S. tennis program has provided our students with something new and exciting to make our after school program that much more engaging. The students were immediately intrigued by all the new equipment and that intrigue only continued to grow...


Printable H.I.T.S. brochure + School Tennis Workshops

H.I.T.S. is Making a Difference in NorCal

H.I.T.S./H.I.T.S. 2 Agreement Form

H.I.T.S./H.I.T.S. 2 Grant

USTA Kid's Membership Renewal

How to Start a H.I.T.S. Program


All participants receive a H.I.T.S. t-shirt, wristband, ball, certificate, players/parents manual and more!!!


NOTE: To attend a coaches training workshop, your organization will need to have a signed contract on file. For more information, reach out to Troy Rondeau (510) 263-0471 or Christy Perez (916) 990-4438.

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