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USTA launches ITF World Tennis Number widget online

June 09, 2022

What's your number? It's time to find out: World Tennis Number is here. Individuals who play in USTA events and programs can now access their ITF World Tennis Number online at 

Developed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the world governing body of tennis, beginnng in 2019, the ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) is one of the most advanced and accurate rating systems for a tennis player's skill level in the world. Based on a 40-point scale, with 40 akin to a beginner tennis player and 1 being comparable to an elite professional, the ITF World Tennis Number is an inclusive, global rating system that incorporates player results and data from more than 135 countries; regardless of their age and gender, players of the same WTN are of similar ability. 


A player's ITF World Tennis Number for both singles and doubles is calculated via an algorithm that uses match result data. Results provided by the USTA from as far back as 2016 have been used to calculate those ratings, but recent results carry more weight than older results in WTN calculation. The more data used, and the more recent the data, the more accurate the rating.


Prior to a match between two players, the pre-match ratings of both players are used by the algorithm to project the match's outcome. An individual’s WTN changes depending on a match's score, and how it compares to the projection. Match results are analyzed at set level.

The USTA widget is the first look at the ITF World Tennis Number for the vast majority of players in the U.S.; players can locate their ITF World Tennis Number online on their USTA account player profiles, along with additional information including GameZone. In GameZone, players can view the range of WTNs that will make competitive matches for them.


The ITF World Tennis will be completely free, an extra benefit to both players and providers. Updated weekly, the ITF World Tennis Number affords players the opportunity to track their progress over time. WTN will also become a resource for college coaches, allowing them to better assess players worldwide thanks to the global nature of the rating.


“The ITF World Tennis Number will be an incredible tool for players, providers, tournament directors and all those involved in the sport,” said Craig Morris, Chief Executive, Community Tennis, USTA. “One of the most amazing parts of the ITF World Tennis Number is the global nature of the rating system, with more than 135 nations providing data, which will help this to be an incredibly accurate rating system. This completely free tool will make it easier for players to find competitors at their skill level and allow players to see how they are improving and developing over time. This year we are intentionally introducing the ITF World Tennis Number in a deliberate and limited fashion, so that all those involved with tennis in this country can get acclimated to this new product.”


The ITF World Tennis Number will be introduced in limited fashion in 2022, with more applications coming in 2023 and beyond. At USTA-ranked junior tournaments, it will be used as a tool for seeding criteria, at summer team events, and as part of the wild card process. USTA sections may elect to use it as a means to seed, select and/or group players at other events. For USTA-ranked adult tournaments, USTA aections may elect to use WTN to seed and/or group players at some events.


The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP), a rating published once a year and designed for USTA League, will still be utilized for both that program and corresponding NTRP tournaments. 


For more information on the ITF World Tennis Number can be found at


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