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Middle States



Middle States  | 


Whether you're just beginning in a junior program in your community, or have been regularly competing in section or national tournaments and training camps, Middle States has you covered.


This page consists of valuable information including the typical progression of a junior tennis player, commonly asked questions on the world of competitive junior tennis, grant opportunities, a list of USTA Middle States tournaments, explanation of the Points Per Round system, endorsement procedures to national events and more.


To search & sign up for a junior tournament in Middle States, click here.


New Ranking System & Shadow Rankings 

The 17 sectional ranking systems and one national ranking system will be replaced with ONE nationwide ranking system for the Level 1 - 7 ranking tournaments. ADVERTISEMENT One set of nationwide ranking tables will determine the points earned in all ranking tournaments. To get you ready, the USTA will also be publishing Shadow Rankings in November and December so you can see your projected position. 


View the 2021 Point Tables and Shadow Ranking Philosophy


Recommended COVID-19 Protocols: Junior Player Bag Check

  • Arrive at the facility close to assigned start time ready to play, and depart immediately after your match
  • Bring your own water bottles, towel, hand sanitizer and any other personal equipment and store them in tennis bag
  • Bring your own chair and avoid sharing a bench with an opponent and/or teammate
  • Use headbands, hats, towels or wristbands to avoid touching your face during play
  • Wash/Sanitize hands often (before/during/after matches)
  • Clearly verbalize score at the start of each point and use technology to report scores (email or text) 
  • Maintain safe physical distance between players during the racquet spin at the start of a match
  • Maintain physical distancing if changing ends of the court
  • Tap racquets at the end of the match instead of shaking players’ hand



National 2021 Changes

2021 Rules & Regulations

Middle States COVID-19 Protocols

Middle States Programming: COVID-19 FAQ

Juniors Tournament Waiver and Release Form

Player Expense Request and Information

USTA Medical Release Form

Middle States Team Disciplinary Consequences

2021 Friend at Court




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