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Tennis At Home

Stay healthy. Stay home. Keep up with your favorite sport with these clips, tips & more.

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Net Generation: Tennis at Home for Kids

  • USTA Chicago is hosting a free webinar wellness series. Each session will focus on a different area of health and wellness. Learn more. Read More
  • Making small adjustments to reinforce or improve what’s already been familiar, rather than rapidly overhauling an entire lifestyle as might be typical in the early weeks of a new year, can be part of a gradual recipe for success. Read More
  • Former US Open doubles champion Bruno Soares diagrams a simple drill that will keep your hands quick and active at the net. Read More
  • Mental Minute #6
    June 19, 2020
    Dr. Larry Lauer, mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development, dives into the best ways to stay confident and motivated while at home. Read More
  • The jump rope is an essential tennis training tool. Use these drills to improve your quickness, timing and coordination. Read More
  • Mental Minute #5
    June 03, 2020
    Dr. Larry Lauer, mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development, discusses the importance of balance while keeping yourself informed of current events. Read More
  • Andrew Rueb, men's tennis associate head coach at Harvard University, shares footwork tips and more to help propel you through your volleys. Read More
  • Dr. Larry Lauer, mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development, is back with his tips for getting your day off on the right foot. Read More
  • Dr. Larry Lauer discusses how making connections and building relationships are important for mental health. Read More
  • Michael Harper is back with a pair of simple footworks drills that you can do at home with simple equipment: two pairs of shoes and three tennis balls. Read More
  • Strengthen immune system
    May 07, 2020 Trish Kellogg
    Athletes can optimize antioxidant intake by focusing on a diet that is rich in whole foods, lean proteins and healthy fats. Here are some key nutrients to focus on. Read More
  • Dr. Larry Lauer, mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development. offers his advice on how to build and stick to a schedule. Read More
  • Take a moment to learn about the importance of setting goals with Dr. Larry Lauer, mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development. Read More
  • Looking to spruce up your next video conference meeting? From the US Open to the USTA National Campus, check out our tennis-themed backgrounds. Read More
  • Michael Harper, USTA Manager for Cardio Tennis, is back with his latest training tips: a cardio blast workout that you can do with your whole family. Read More
  • Claire Carter, a tennis pro at the Bay Club in Northern California, shares a Steffi Graf-inspired at-home footwork drill to get you in perfect position to hit your shots. Read More
  • TC & US Open week
    April 17, 2020
    Celebrate the greatest US Open moments from the past two decades from your couch during the week of April 20 with Tennis Channel Live. Read More
  • Mini: Side-to-Side
    April 16, 2020
    Get up and get moving left and right with this latest cardio tennis tip - mini-tennis style - from Michael Harper, USTA Manager for Cardio Tennis. Read More
  • Need some motivation for practicing tennis at home? Get inspired by this special message from U.S. Fed Cup captain Kathy Rinaldi. Read More
  • Coloring Pages
    April 14, 2020
    Looking to show off your artistic side? Try your hand at some of our tennis coloring pages. Read More
  • Former French Open doubles champion and director of racquet sports at the West Side Tennis Club Luke Jensen gives his tips on how to keep your skills sharp while you're not on the court. Read More
  • Keep your footwork sharp with Michael Harper, USTA Manager for Cardio Tennis, and these basic ladder drills. Read More
  • Strength & Conditioning
    Strength & Conditioning
    March 23, 2020 Brent Salazar
    From being creative with equipment to trying new things, like yoga, here are some ideas for workouts when you're at home and can't make it to the court or the gym. Read More
  • Nutrition
    Nutrition at home
    March 23, 2020 Tara Gidus-Collingwood
    From info on eating your first meal of the day, to advice on snacking, food intake and more, here are some tips for nutrition while staying at home. Read More

Net Generation: Tennis at Home for Kids